Sunday, April 26, 2015

Vietnam tourist visa for Austria citizens

According to Vietnam Immigration policy for Austrians, these citizens are required to have tourist visa for any tourist or visiting activity to the country. Before applying, below information on Vietnam tourist visa for Austria citizens should be minded.

How long is Vietnam tourist visa valid?
Basing on working regime of Vietnam Immigration Department, visa for tourist purpose is categorized as C1 visa and this visa type has validity length of one month at maximum. Regarding number of entries, tourist visa includes two sub-types: one month single entry visa and one month multiple entries visa.

How to obtain tourist Vietnam visa for Austrians
Vietnam tourist visa can be applied directly at Embassy of Vietnam or applied online through a visa agent. Getting visa at Embassy, applicants need to visit the Embassy directly and hand in original passport as well as other needful for visa issued. Presently, this visa type is recommended for people entering Vietnam by land or sea way. For those who plan to visit Vietnam by airway, the recommended way to get visa is applying for Vietnam visa on arrival.

Getting visa by this way, applicants just need to submit a Vietnam visa application online. After that, visa approval fee should be transferred through PayPal, Bank transfer or Western Union. Within two business days, Vietnam visa approval letter for Austria citizens will be issued and send to applicant’s email. This document allows travelers to depart for Vietnam by plane and get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam international airport.

How to stay in Vietnam longer than tourist visa’s duration
For those Austrians entering Vietnam by tourist visa and wishing to stay in the country longer temporary duration, Vietnam visa extension service is offered. With this option, travelers are allowed to stay in the country for one or three months more without exiting. To get visa extension, original passport of traveler is required. Normally, it takes from seven to ten business days to get visa extended. During this time, your passport is kept at Vietnam Immigration Department for issuing visa extension. Therefore, travelers should make sure that you do not use passport while extending visa.

In reality, getting visa extension is quite complicated and costly. Therefore, Austrians are advised to plan your trip clearly before departure to have suitable choice. In case, you intend to visit Vietnam and stay in the country longer than one month, you can request three month visa for your trip instead of getting one month visa and then extending it. Presently, three month visa is issued as business visa, but it is also valid for tourist activities. Applying for three month visa is much cheaper and more convenient than getting visa extension.


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