Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pick-up service at airport

 Our Agent will standing out at Landing area waiting hall at Hanoi/Tan Son Nhat airport.


Please prepare passport photo on arrival to add to the Application form as attached file ( Entry-Exit Form ) for each,

- Stamping fee : 45( single entry) and 90 (multiple entry) USD in cash


 And just please follow He/She to get stamp visa at Landing Visa counter

Please confirm if you have received this email. And please giving us an update for any changed on your arrives time and flight details.

We do not responsibility if any changing on your schedule flight or arrives time BUT you have not informing us in time.

Please providing us your flight confirmation.

Apply visa on arrival at airport.

 1. 1 month single ( Approved letter) = 18.5 USD
 2. stamping fee at airport = 45 USD .
 that’s two fees have to pay.
 And visa at embassy.
 1. 1 month single ( approved letter) = 25 USD/person
 2. stamping fee at embassy : location to location ( ~ 70 or 100 USD).

 So that, Why you have to get visa at embassy. And why not for visa on arrival at airport.

 Please apply visa at:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Son Doong cave in Quang Binh Province VIET NAM

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Vietnam Visa for the Austrian


Thus, the Austrian Citizen live in Austria or other countries needs business visa to enter and working at Vietnam. There are two options to apply Vietnam Business Visa for Austrian citizen:

Option 1: Apply Visa On Arrival online with Vietnam Immigration Dept.

We strongly recommended You Should Apply Vietnam Visa online via our website Because this is the best way to save your time, money and help you avoid some unwanted troubles.

You just need to complete 4 steps to apply visa on arrival with us at  Then, we will send to you within 2 working days Approval letter in normal case; 4 hours to 8 hours in emergency case or only 1 hours  in pressing case. You just print out this letter to get Vietnam visa When arrive at the International Airport in Vietnam (Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh) and show this letter to the Vietnam Immigration Officer, pay the stamping fee for Vietnam Government then get visa stamped.

 Option 2: Apply Visa at Vietnam Embassy in your living

Beside, Applicants can get business visas by themself at Vietnam Embassy in Their Local Living. Some required documents Should be prepared:

Original, signed Austrian passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity.
Passport-type photograph: 2 photos sized 4 x 6
Business Letter: A business letter from the sending company in the Either Austria or sponsoring company in Vietnam. The letter Should be printed on company letterhead stationery, Addressed to the Embassy of Vietnam, and signed by a senior manager (an equivalent to Vice-President or above). Business Letters from Austrian Companies Should adhere to the Following Guidelines:

• Briefly introduce the Applicant (please specify employment status / position held in the Company by Applicant).

• State the nature of the business to be Conducted (ie business meetings, contract negotiations, etc.) and the names and addresses of companies to be contacted in Vietnam.

• Specify the type and Desired validity of the visa (ie one year multiple entry business visa).

• Guarantee of Sufficient funds for travel.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Citizens of Austria can apply for a visa to Vietnam in 3 different ways

1. Apply for a visa to Vietnam through a travel agent in Austria or through an online visa processors like Travisa, Travel Visa Pro, Traveldocs using Austrian passport. The process and fee for Vietnam visa may vary by each agent mentioned above.

2. Apply for a Vietnam visa in person at the nearest embassy of Vietnam in Austria. Kindly be advised that the procedures and fees are subject to be changed depending on where you apply.

3. Apply for a visa on arrival to Vietnam from Austria online :


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Where do I get my visa from when I arrive at the airport in Vietnam?

Landing at a foreign airport after a long journey can be a daunting experience, but don’t worry finding the visa office is very simple. Once you enter the airport and are on your way to the baggage reclaim keep an eye out for signs saying ‘Landing Visa’ or ‘Visa Upon Arrival’ office.

Depending on the amount of people arriving at the same time as you needing a visa on arrival, there may be a queue. As a rough guide it usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes to get through. To speed up the process just make sure that you have all the required documents ready and easily accessible. Then when it is your turn just hand the documents to the immigration official and wait to get your passport back with your Vietnam visa stamped.
 Then you’re ready to go! Just don’t forget to pick up your baggage before you rush out of the airport!

Airport Visa Procedure and Payment Process (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang).

VOA is handled by the Immigration Service at the airports and as seeking, if the airport is operating as department is the VOA. It is absolutely vital fact you have your visa processing fee (s) on you, in cash. There are no money machines (ATMs), money changers or any other way of Withdrawing Money in the immigration hall and the Authorities do not take plastic.

Until you can pay in cash you will not get into the country and You Could End up having a wonderful holiday camped on the wrong side of the barrier until your return flight leaves. If you have a bank card, to immigration officer might offer to escort you to at ATM to withdraw some money. Meanwhile you might starve to death (slight exaggeration, but you get the point) as it might be many hours before That happens. They have been known to accept payment in currencies other than US dollars but are not obligated to do that. On 04.01.2015 payment in Euros which Readily Accepted with Change Given in USD.

If They choose not to, you will have a problem if you have not Brought US dollars with you. The latest news Is that at ATM has Appeared at Tan Son Nhat Airport (HCMC) - Adjacent to the landing visa counter. While this might be of help to Those arriving without cash, it is silent Advisable to bring the correct money to pay for the visa. ATM's do Breakdown / run out of cash and the inevitable lack of clarity Regarding the Dong / USD Exchange Rate Conversion (It Would Be issuing Dongs), plus additional card charges, Means it Should be thought of as the option of last resort.

 At Ho Chi Minh City (Tan Son Nhat International Airport): The VOA window is situated over to the left as you enter the immigration hall, at the far end. Do not join any queues for Immigration Control. The counter itself is sign-posted - LANDING VISA. When you get to the Landing Visa (VOA) window, be prepared to hand over your passport, one completed copy of the Entry and Exit form, the Entire Letter of Approval and one passport size photo (the officer will staple your photo to the form if not already attached). You Should then go and sit down. Even with few people being processed do not expect Passports (with the visa attached) to be returned in the order thatthey were presented at the window.

At Hanoi (Noi Bai International Airport): The VOA procedure has changed with the recent (January 2015) Opening of the new international terminal. The VOA counter is situated opposite the immigration desks. The signage is unclear if there are lots of people. You must hand your passport and documents in at THE RIGHT HAND SIDE. Then proceed to the left hand side and wait while They process it. Delays havebeen reported at this point. If it is busy, keep your eyes and ears open as theywill call out your name or hold up your passport / photo. At this point you pay. If you are processing multiple passports, you will receive 1 pink receipt for all, the visas will already be in the passports. Check the visas for errors while silently at the window. After receiving your passport back, proceed to the 'foreigners' immigration queue with possible delays here too.

 At Da Nang follow the exit signs. As soon as you enter the huge hall it is very easy to find the VOA window - it is on the left hand side and is CLEARLY visible. The process is reasonably quick (Approximately 15 minutes with all Necessary paperwork completed before landing) but do bear in mind there is no guarantee it will be always be the same. After receiving visas / passports back, progress onwards to immigration control. Immigration Control can be slow, sometimes 3 or 4 longlines. Everyone queues up together going through the same checkpoints and there are no separate checkpoints for Vietnamese passengers and other nationalities.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What is a Vietnam visa approval letter?

A Vietnam visa approval letter grants you access to Vietnam to enter and exit the country for a given period of time. The letter means you can enter Vietnam by any of the country’s international airports and get your visa stamped by the immigration officers at the airport. The visa approval letter is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department, which is a Vietnam Government Agency. A copy of the approval letter is also sent to the Immigration checkpoints at each of the international airports (Noi Bai airport in Hanoi, Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang airport and Cam Ranh airport in Nha Trang) so the officials will be able to stamp your visa with the minimum level of hassle, as they already have all your details on their system.

Before they issue a visa approval letter the Vietnam Immigration Department checks and screens the application very carefully and strictly. This means all the checks have been carried out prior to you receiving the approval letter, so there is no chance you will be refused entry when you reach Vietnam.

Thursday, May 7, 2015



1. After receiving your application and payment, we will process the visa immediately. You can expect the process to take 2 to 3 working days, and in urgent cases, the urgent service takes only 1 to 2 working days. After approval, we will fax or email you a Vietnam visa Approval Letter as an attachment or you can download in your account at My Bookings

- Please print the approval letter.
- Bring at least 2 photos of passport regulation size.
2.     Receive your visa at the visa desk of the arrival airport for Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

Or receive your visa at Embassy or Consulate in your country for Vietnam Visa Approval Code


 - Passport must be valid for at least 6 months.
 - Two (02) passport photos size 4 x 6 cm.
 - Cash for paying visa stamp fee upon arrival when picking up your visa.
 - Applicants must enter Vietnam by air and get the visa when landing at the arrival airport for the Visa on Arrival Application.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Requirements to get Vietnam visa for Austrian citizen

1. Status of Vietnam Visa for The holder of Austrian passport.

- Does the holder of Austrian passport need Visa to enter Vietnam or not?

- Yes, the holder of Austrian passport needs visa to enter Vietnam.

2. How does the holder of Austrian passport apply for a Vietnam Visa?    

There are 2 ways to apply Vietnam Visa for the holder of Austrian passport:

2.1. Applying for an online visa (recommended).

This application is called Visa on arrival (VOA). You apply VOA at website by filling your necessary information in the online form. One of the most convenient of this way is that you do not have to spend so much time for the visa application. Just 10 minutes at home for completing online visa form then wait 02 working day for a visa approval letter, after that you will get your visa stamp at Vietnamese International airport. Furthermore this application way is quick, cheap and safe because we also offer Rush Visa which processes only 30 minutes to 04 hours depending on your flying time. is very pleased to offer a reasonable service fee and full extra services at Vietnamese airport.

How about Service Fee?

Our service fee is shown in our website without hidden charge. Please click here if you want to see more in details.

2.2 Applying for a Visa at Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.

This way is a little bit complicated because you have to go to Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in your staying country for visa application. You have to get line and wait for your turn at the Embassy or Consulate. And this will be a big problem if the Embassy or Consulate is quite far from your residence. If you want to get your visa stamp at the Embassy or Consulate you have to submit some required documents such as:

-  Your passport with 06 months expiry at least
-  An envelope with available postage stamp
-  Amount of cash inside envelope
-  2 photo 4x6cm (within 03 months new)

After submitting you have to wait at least 05 working days for the result sometime you still need to submit some more necessary document for the visa processing.

But this is not a problem if you have time and your residence is close to Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. And we suggest you that you should contact Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate before going to.

Please see below for the contact information of Vietnam Embassy or Consulate:
Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate’s addresses in your country are below:
Vietnam Embassy in Vienna, Austria
Address: Felix-Mottl Strasse 20 A-1190 Vienna Austria
Phone: 43-1-368 0755
Fax: 43-1-368 0754

Monday, May 4, 2015

How to get Vietnam visa from Austria

Like citizens of most other countries all over the world, Austria citizens are required to apply for Visa or visa approval letter (visa on arrival) before entering Vietnam. The visa application form can be sourced and completed at competent units: The Embassy of Vietnam or

Citizens of Austria or Austria residents can come to the below address to apply for visa:

Address:  Felix Mottl - Strabe A-1190 Vienna
Telephone: (43-1) 3680755

However, since visa on arrival at Vietnam airports is applicable for Austria citizens, online visa application submission is recommended.

Vietnam visa on arrival is also beneficiary for Austria residents in case they are far from Embassy of Vietnam, want to save time, be in rush for Vietnam visa, or they do not want to leave your passport there at Vietnam Embassy.

To obtain visa on arrival, what Austria residents need to do is complete visa online application at apply online page. Their visa approval letter granted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam will be issued within 2 working days with standard service, 1 working day with urgent service and 4 working hours with super urgent service. The visa fee depends on the processing time you choose. The shorter processing time, the higher fee the service charges.

Please note that Vietnam Immigration Department and Embassy of Vietnam base only on the nationality shown on your passport to decide what documents you are required. In case you reside in Austria and you do not hold Austria passport, you may be required to pay different fee depending on the regulations of Vietnam Immigration on your nationality.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Citizens of Austria

 The procedure of getting Vietnam visa is now so simple and fast for Austria citizens. Depending on their means of transport when entering Vietnam, Austria citizens can choose the best option of getting Vietnam visa for them: visa on arrival or visa code.

In case you enter Vietnam by airway: to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, you can easily get it issued by submitting your visa application online at  

2 business days after adequate information for your visa application and the payment for visa approval fee is confirmed, a visa approval letter is granted for yourselves by the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

In case you enter Vietnam by other means of transports (by ship or by bus via land or sea borders):  you can apply for a visa code online then bring the code to the Embassy of Vietnam in VIENNA, Austria with the detail contacts below:


Address:          Felix Mottl - Strabe A-1190 Vienna
Telephone:       (43-1) 3680755
Bilateral rel.:    14
Multilateral.:    13
Consular:         10
Fax:                 (43-1) 3680754

The visa code you get online will help to save your time waiting at the airport, and facilitate the procedure of stamping visa at the Embassy of Vietnam.

For getting visa on arrival, the following documents should be prepared and presented to the Immigration officers: Passport (at least 6 moth validity), visa approval letter, 2 passport -sized photos, application for entry and exit form (you receive this form from us prior to the issuance of your visa approval letter).

The details on Vietnam visa fee for Austria citizens are regularly updated at Vietnam visa fee page.

Notice: Visa on arrival is convenient, saving and beneficial for those who live far away from Vietnamese embassies. Please do note that visa on arrival is just applicable for those who enter Vietnam via airports.

Vietnam visa fee for citizens of Austria

According to the Immigration Law of Vietnam, Austria citizens are allowed to enter Vietnam with tourist or business purpose. To enter Vietnam, Austria citizens are required to apply for Vietnam visa at Embassy of Vietnam or Vietnam visa approval letter online via an agent before departure.Vietnam visa fee applied for  Austria citizens are depended on the way they get their visa.

Visa Fee for Citizens of Austria Getting Visa at Embassy of Vietnam

In reality, the visa fee charged by Vietnam Embassy varies from Embassy to Embassy. According to the provided information from our experienced clients, the Embassy of Vietnam in  Austria often charges an average fee of USD 100 for one month single entry visa. However, for the updated information on the visa fee as well as the required documents, processing time, etc. citizens of  Austria  should contact the Embassy before going there. The contact details of Embassy of Vietnam in  Austria are as follows:

Address: Felix Mottl - Strabe A-1190Vienna
Telephone:       (43-1) 3680755
Fax:                 (43-1) 3680754

Visa Fee for Citizens of Austria Applying For Visa On Arrival

In getting Vietnam visa on arrival, Austria citizens are to pay two types of fees: Visa approval fee and visa stamping fee. The current visa approval fee applied for Austria citizens is USD 20/ person for 1 month single entry visa, USD 25/ person for 1 month multiple visa, USD 30/ person for 3 month single visa. At  Vietnam airport, the visa stamping fee is charged when the visa is stamped onto their passport.

On the whole, getting  Vietnam visa on arrival is much cheaper and convenient for  Austria citizens. Getting visa at  Vietnam airport is also chosen by almost all air travelers to  Vietnam nowadays.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Vietnam Visa Extension for the Austrian

Subject to concrete cases, one of the following agencies can make the procedures for the extension of visa in  Vietnam:
-  The Immigration Department of Vietnam (in case of the visa exemption to  Vietnam)
-  The immigration offices belonging to the city or provincial public security;

Austrian people need to prepare the following documents for Vietnam Visa extension at the Immigration department of Vietnam:

-   The legal documents of the enterprises or organizations which guarantees for foreigners (including the copy of the business registration seal certificate, tax code registration, signature and seal registration)

-   Foreigners’ passports must be valid at least 06 months; -   The working permit (for foreign labors  applying for visa more than 3 months; investors, head of planning division , non-governmental organizations, foreign lawyers granted the practicing permit in Vietnam not applying for working permit )

-     The application form for the extension of visa in  Vietnam.

Notice of the application for visa extension in Vietnam

This application form is affirmed by the company or organization in Vietnam if it is guaranteed by the Vietnamese ones.

This application form is affirmed by communal, ward public security if it is guaranteed by Vietnamese individuals. (The commune or ward of such Vietnam individuals holds permanent residence)

-   The other documents under the specific requirements of the immigration department of Vietnam (such as house lease contract, foreign labors list…)

Friday, May 1, 2015

The procedures of Vietnam Visa extension for Austrian

Austrian residing in Vietnam can apply for the extension of visa with the residency time from one month to one year. The procedure for the extension of visa for Austrian is set up the Immigration Department of Vietnam or Immigration Offices belonging to city or provincial public security depends on (subject to) specific cases.
The Austrian who can get Vietnam visa in Vietnam includes:

-  The Austrian comes to  Vietnam for tourist or visiting their relatives
-  The Austrian Investors;
-  The heads of the representative offices of non- governmental organizations
-  The Austrian lawyers are granted the practicing permits by Vietnam Ministry of Justice
-  The Austrian citizens are granted the work permits in  Vietnam…