Sunday, May 3, 2015

Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Citizens of Austria

 The procedure of getting Vietnam visa is now so simple and fast for Austria citizens. Depending on their means of transport when entering Vietnam, Austria citizens can choose the best option of getting Vietnam visa for them: visa on arrival or visa code.

In case you enter Vietnam by airway: to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, you can easily get it issued by submitting your visa application online at  

2 business days after adequate information for your visa application and the payment for visa approval fee is confirmed, a visa approval letter is granted for yourselves by the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

In case you enter Vietnam by other means of transports (by ship or by bus via land or sea borders):  you can apply for a visa code online then bring the code to the Embassy of Vietnam in VIENNA, Austria with the detail contacts below:


Address:          Felix Mottl - Strabe A-1190 Vienna
Telephone:       (43-1) 3680755
Bilateral rel.:    14
Multilateral.:    13
Consular:         10
Fax:                 (43-1) 3680754

The visa code you get online will help to save your time waiting at the airport, and facilitate the procedure of stamping visa at the Embassy of Vietnam.

For getting visa on arrival, the following documents should be prepared and presented to the Immigration officers: Passport (at least 6 moth validity), visa approval letter, 2 passport -sized photos, application for entry and exit form (you receive this form from us prior to the issuance of your visa approval letter).

The details on Vietnam visa fee for Austria citizens are regularly updated at Vietnam visa fee page.

Notice: Visa on arrival is convenient, saving and beneficial for those who live far away from Vietnamese embassies. Please do note that visa on arrival is just applicable for those who enter Vietnam via airports.


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