Thursday, May 14, 2015

Airport Visa Procedure and Payment Process (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang).

VOA is handled by the Immigration Service at the airports and as seeking, if the airport is operating as department is the VOA. It is absolutely vital fact you have your visa processing fee (s) on you, in cash. There are no money machines (ATMs), money changers or any other way of Withdrawing Money in the immigration hall and the Authorities do not take plastic.

Until you can pay in cash you will not get into the country and You Could End up having a wonderful holiday camped on the wrong side of the barrier until your return flight leaves. If you have a bank card, to immigration officer might offer to escort you to at ATM to withdraw some money. Meanwhile you might starve to death (slight exaggeration, but you get the point) as it might be many hours before That happens. They have been known to accept payment in currencies other than US dollars but are not obligated to do that. On 04.01.2015 payment in Euros which Readily Accepted with Change Given in USD.

If They choose not to, you will have a problem if you have not Brought US dollars with you. The latest news Is that at ATM has Appeared at Tan Son Nhat Airport (HCMC) - Adjacent to the landing visa counter. While this might be of help to Those arriving without cash, it is silent Advisable to bring the correct money to pay for the visa. ATM's do Breakdown / run out of cash and the inevitable lack of clarity Regarding the Dong / USD Exchange Rate Conversion (It Would Be issuing Dongs), plus additional card charges, Means it Should be thought of as the option of last resort.

 At Ho Chi Minh City (Tan Son Nhat International Airport): The VOA window is situated over to the left as you enter the immigration hall, at the far end. Do not join any queues for Immigration Control. The counter itself is sign-posted - LANDING VISA. When you get to the Landing Visa (VOA) window, be prepared to hand over your passport, one completed copy of the Entry and Exit form, the Entire Letter of Approval and one passport size photo (the officer will staple your photo to the form if not already attached). You Should then go and sit down. Even with few people being processed do not expect Passports (with the visa attached) to be returned in the order thatthey were presented at the window.

At Hanoi (Noi Bai International Airport): The VOA procedure has changed with the recent (January 2015) Opening of the new international terminal. The VOA counter is situated opposite the immigration desks. The signage is unclear if there are lots of people. You must hand your passport and documents in at THE RIGHT HAND SIDE. Then proceed to the left hand side and wait while They process it. Delays havebeen reported at this point. If it is busy, keep your eyes and ears open as theywill call out your name or hold up your passport / photo. At this point you pay. If you are processing multiple passports, you will receive 1 pink receipt for all, the visas will already be in the passports. Check the visas for errors while silently at the window. After receiving your passport back, proceed to the 'foreigners' immigration queue with possible delays here too.

 At Da Nang follow the exit signs. As soon as you enter the huge hall it is very easy to find the VOA window - it is on the left hand side and is CLEARLY visible. The process is reasonably quick (Approximately 15 minutes with all Necessary paperwork completed before landing) but do bear in mind there is no guarantee it will be always be the same. After receiving visas / passports back, progress onwards to immigration control. Immigration Control can be slow, sometimes 3 or 4 longlines. Everyone queues up together going through the same checkpoints and there are no separate checkpoints for Vietnamese passengers and other nationalities.


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