Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Requirements to get Vietnam visa for Austrian citizen

1. Status of Vietnam Visa for The holder of Austrian passport.

- Does the holder of Austrian passport need Visa to enter Vietnam or not?

- Yes, the holder of Austrian passport needs visa to enter Vietnam.

2. How does the holder of Austrian passport apply for a Vietnam Visa?    

There are 2 ways to apply Vietnam Visa for the holder of Austrian passport:

2.1. Applying for an online visa (recommended).

This application is called Visa on arrival (VOA). You apply VOA at website http://www.vietnamvisa.at by filling your necessary information in the online form. One of the most convenient of this way is that you do not have to spend so much time for the visa application. Just 10 minutes at home for completing online visa form then wait 02 working day for a visa approval letter, after that you will get your visa stamp at Vietnamese International airport. Furthermore this application way is quick, cheap and safe because we also offer Rush Visa which processes only 30 minutes to 04 hours depending on your flying time. http://www.vietnamvisa.at is very pleased to offer a reasonable service fee and full extra services at Vietnamese airport.

How about Service Fee?

Our service fee is shown in our website without hidden charge. Please click here if you want to see more in details.

2.2 Applying for a Visa at Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.

This way is a little bit complicated because you have to go to Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in your staying country for visa application. You have to get line and wait for your turn at the Embassy or Consulate. And this will be a big problem if the Embassy or Consulate is quite far from your residence. If you want to get your visa stamp at the Embassy or Consulate you have to submit some required documents such as:

-  Your passport with 06 months expiry at least
-  An envelope with available postage stamp
-  Amount of cash inside envelope
-  2 photo 4x6cm (within 03 months new)

After submitting you have to wait at least 05 working days for the result sometime you still need to submit some more necessary document for the visa processing.

But this is not a problem if you have time and your residence is close to Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. And we suggest you that you should contact Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate before going to.

Please see below for the contact information of Vietnam Embassy or Consulate:
Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate’s addresses in your country are below:
Vietnam Embassy in Vienna, Austria
Address: Felix-Mottl Strasse 20 A-1190 Vienna Austria
Phone: 43-1-368 0755
Fax: 43-1-368 0754


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